New York City Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Service

Welcoming the New or Potential Amateur Radio Operator

While the New York City Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Service (NYC-ARECS) is made up of amateur radio operators who are trained and dedicated to providing radio communications during emergencies--we are also interested in the art and science of amateur (ham) radio in general. Many Members of our team have been radio operators for several decades and also belong to other associations and radio clubs. Our Members also belong to national organizations and are some are Life Members of national Amateur Radio organizations. Our meetings include not only emergency oriented topics, but topics related to Amateur Radio technology in general.

NYC-ARECS is made up of people with diverse interests that share a common bond, Amateur Radio. We have members that have or do currently work in many different professions including medicine, science, the military, the humanities, civil service, public safety, engineering, education, telecommunications, non-profits, finance, etc. In addition to English, NYC-ARECS members fluently speak the following foreign languages: Spanish, Italian, Greek, Hebrew, Russian, German, Arabic and Yiddish.

If you do have an FCC license and you are a NYC resident, then you can join us.

If you do NOT have a FCC license but are interested in obtaining one, we can help!

We can provide you with training materials, guidance, encouragement, and a date and place for you to take your test. Several of our Members are also FCC Volunteer Examiners who are accredited staff that are qualified to provide the test necessary for you to become a licensed Amateur Radio operator.

Facts you should know about becoming a new Amateur radio operator:

1) The FCC test pool questions and study materials are available online for free.
2) The test costs less than $20.00
3) No Morse code is required
4) An entry level Amateur Radio can cost less than $75.00
5) You will be joining a hobby of a lifetime!


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