New York City Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Service

The Following are Volunteer Positions Available

Email us for more information at or fill out an application today online.

Position: Emergency Communications Radio Operator

Description: The Emergency Communications Radio Operator is a FCC licensed amateur radio operator who is a trained (or is willing to participate in free training), in emergency communications (EmComm). The basic courses are provided free by NYC-ARECS and they can be taken online. This person will train and prepare to be able to provide emergency radio communications. This position requires you to participate in at least four Public Service events per year, and participate in at least half of the weekly Monday night VHF/UHF nets. You will be required to take FEMA courses on incident management and basic EmComm courses. These are free and you can take them at home.

Prerequisites: Must have an FCC issued callsign and a desire to help your community through a truly rewarding role.

Position: EMT / Medic for the NYC-ARECS EMS Division

Description: The Mission of NYC-ARECS Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is to make available a partnership of an emergency medical provider with an emergency radio communicator at Public Service events that NYC-ARECS participates in. All emergency medical providers are volunteers, and must be trained and certified (at least) in first aid and basic life support/CPR, but emergency medical technicians are preferred.

Prerequisites: Must be an d EMT, CFR or other person with first aid and CPR training. Learn more here

Position: (Temporary) Radio Trainee

Description: The Radio Trainee (RT) is a temporary position with the status of Auxiliary Member. This is a person who desires to be an amateur radio operator and is currently studying and has a date scheduled for their license test. After passing of their license test, they will become immediate full Members and be eligible to take the emergency communications class online. After completion of their EmComm program they will be considered Emergency Communications Radio Operators. The Radio Trainee is encouraged to attend organization meetings and events if they desire.

Prerequisites: Must have a desire and intent to obtain (with our assistance), an FCC issued callsign. This takes only a few weeks and the training materials are free.

Position: Operations Support Specialist

Description: The Operations Support Specialist (OSS) is an Auxiliary Member that is non-licensed (not an amateur radio operator). The role of this person is to assist the Net Control team leader at large Public Service events. Their role includes providing an extra set of "eyes & ears" for the Net Control Operator; assist with documentation and keeping track of field positioned radio operators, and utilizing Twitter, Facebook, and Google Maps (etc.) as needed to support the team. You will be required to take two short FEMA courses on incident management. These are free and you can take them at home.

Prerequisites: Must be organized and have excellent interpersonal skills (be friendly!). He or she will have a solid understanding of Social Media and computer operations. This person will be a civic-minded individual who gains satisfaction working with a team and serving their community in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Note: It is encouraged but certainly not required for the OSS to become an Emergency Communications Radio Operator.



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