New York City Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Service

Super Saturday Science Expo - Harlem, NY 2012

It was a great day in Harlem for over 1500 children at Super Saturday!

On May 19, 2012, the New York City Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Service (NYC-ARECS) participated at the Super Saturday Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Expo. Super Saturday is an annual expo designed for New York City youth and their families. The event features hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math activities and demonstrations for Harlem public school students up to Grade 12.

NYC-ARECS tables presented the theme "How to talk Across the World Without a Cell Phone." The NYC-ARECS staff used age-appropriate discussion to talk with the children about the fundamentals of radio communication science and communicating during a disaster. The NYC-ARECS tables were positioned among other activity booths set up by museums, science & technology centers, colleges & universities, non-profits, professionals, companies, libraries, corporations and government agencies.

The team's activities included showing kids the Phonetic Alphabet (e.g. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie...), then having them write their name phonetically on an index card. Then they were shown a Morse Code alphabet list and they copied the dots and dashes onto the card... then they were shown--and many eagerly tried--to tap out their name. While Morse Code remains a historic form of communications, it has relevance as a part of history, ham radio, science, and it certainly sparked their interest. The kids also got to try out talking across the room on FRS radios, tuning an HF radio, and trying out the VHF and UHF tranceiver. Dozens of kids and adults visited the table and one lucky child won a pair of FRS radios which NYC-ARECS donated as a free raffle.

The expo took place in the massive 50,000 square foot "Harlem Armory," home to the U.S. Army's 369th Infantry Regiment, a historic WWI combat unit. Local politicans visited the expo including U.S. Congressman Charlie Rangel.

Our tables with literature, activities and information.
We offered literature from the New York City OEM "Ready New York Campaign" program
NYC-ARECS staff member Andrew (KC2WUM) showing a boy a handheld radio
John (KE2UN) introducing boys to the communication world with common FRS radios
Andrew (KC2WUM) and Charles (N2NOV)
A visitor learning about the NYC-ARECS mission
Demonstrating ECHO-LINK connecting Internet to radios around the world
The Super Saturday leaders had a moving Twitter feed projected live!
John (KC2QKP) [who happens to be a NYC-ARECS team member] was one of the Super Saturday officials
Frank (KC2QKS) stopped by early in the morning with donuts for all!
John (KE2UN) showing a Morse code key to an inquisitive little guy
The children liked the Morse code key as it made a buzzer buzz!

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