New York City Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Service

These are some of the NYC-ARECS emergency communicators, volunteers,
who give 100% dedication to their community. This, is New York!

Jose Rivera, N2LRB operating in East Harlem
Gina Murdoch, Executive Director of the American Diabetes Association with Charles Hargrove, NYC-ARECS President
Charles, Wolfgang and Dennis at the Pepper Martin Run
on Staten Island on the 4th of July 2012
Charles, the team President and City-Wide Radio Officer
in the EOC at Coast Guard Station NY
Team members hold a training session on FLDIGI and
Digital Modes of Communications
Dylan Thompson, KC2ZYG in a mobile unit during
a Public Service event
The team Public Information Officer, Shelomo Alfassa, KI4GGU
Andrew KC2WUM speaking with a young man
about amateur radio at a Public Service event in Harlem
Frank Zodda, Brooklyn VP, at a Public Service event in Harlem
Shelomo on 'Rescue 1' during the Liberty Challenge
Charles operating as Net Control, here, checking the
position of the radio operators via APRS
Andrew with a massive cruise ship steering into the
port behind him during the Liberty Challenge
Five guys deep in thought at the Digital Modes training session
Bill Butler, N2BGR at the South Street Seaport
Our table at a Public Service event
Charles in the FDNY Tower Ladder 77 bucket at the NYC Marathon
John Kiernan (KE2UN) on 'Safety 1' during the Liberty Challenge
Charles, who was the NYC City-Wide Amateur Radio Incident Commander (and RACES Officer) following the 9/11 attack, giving a presention about 9/11 response.