NYC-ARECS Recommended Dress Guidelines

NYC-ARECS members should remember to present a professional public safety appearance whenever they are on duty at an event or incident. Both the public safety and emergency management professionals we work with, and the public we serve, expect a professional and business-like appearance. Remember, first impressions are lasting.

While there is no formal uniform code for NYC-ARECS members, there are certain guidelines which all team members are asked to abide by for the sake of group uniformity. All members are encouraged to dress professionally and according to the situation and weather. All apparel worn to team meetings and events should be clean and present a neat and professional appearance.

While in the field, it has become increasingly important to be clearly identifiable to authorities, as they will always want to know who belongs on the scene and who does not. If you are not easily identified as one of the responders, you may be asked to leave the scene. When at an emergency response or at a Public Service Event, always wear your orange NYC-ARECS hat, orange safety vest and your ID Card.

NYC-ARECS members are highly encouraged to meet the following appearance standard for all official functions:

Dress Condition


ARECS team meeting Casual (jeans or khakis and a collared shirt), or business casual


ARECS team meeting where guests are expected to be in attendance - or - while attending an outside meeting or conference

Either khakis, business casual, or slacks and a collared shirt. A jacket or a suit and tie are encouraged. Ties should be of a conservative style, no cartoon figures, etc. No jeans, T-shirts or ball caps.


Attending any meeting, function or class where officials from a governmental agency are scheduled to be in attendance (or may be expected to be). Suit or slacks and a jacket with a tie are required. Ties should be of a conservative style, no cartoon figures, etc.
Public Service Events

While jeans are acceptable, slacks/ khakis are preferred. Please wear a collared shirt, no T-shirts. In the cooler months, business casual is also acceptable. Sneakers are acceptable, but shoes are preferred.

Authorized NYC-ARECS logo shirts in white short sleeves (spring/summer) or navy long sleeves (fall/winter) may be worn -- or, a plain white or navy polo shirt may be worn.

The official NYC-ARECS orange embroidered ball cap should be worn.

Orange Reflective Vests Standardized orange reflective vests with embroidered NYC-ARECS patch. The vest will be used during NYC-ARECS operations only, or when there is a need for immediate identification / high-visibility. This vest is mandatory when assigned to an incident scene or disaster area where high visibility is needed. This vest may be worn over your clothing while at Public Service Events.