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1. The most important thing you, as NCS, can do to further your skills is:

2. As NCS, you need to be able to speak clearly.

3. With regard to the Incident Command System (ICS), you as NCS (Select the most appropriate answer.)

4. As NCS you need to have constant concern for the safety of the people in your net.

5. Hand to ear coordination for an NCS is:

6. An NCS will never have need of good physical endurance.

7. A good NCS has good operating techniques.

8. The first thing an NCS needs to be able to do is:

9. The net name/function should be announced as often as your call.

10. When doing check-ins, you should:

11. You should handle traffic in the order received if they are all the same priority.

12. During checkins, you should:

13. Funny phonics are the best way to acknowledge checkins during an emergency.

14. Your goal during a scheduled net is to handle the script and all traffic in the shortest amount of time, without rushing.

15. If you have someone attempting to interfere with your net, you should:

16. With doubles you should try to get something unique from one or more stations and then turn it back to only those stations for clarification.

17. When passing formal NTS traffic, you should remind participants to read the variable information in order without redundant identifiers.

18. You should never be concise when you speak.

19. As NCS you should take breaks:

20. You should always speak in first person during acknowledgements.

21. Your tone of voice will:

22. The ability to remain cool and calm during a net:

23. As NCS you can reasonably expect participants to:

24. Reference question 23, If the participants do not participate as they should you can order their compliance.

25. If someone does -not- follow net procedures you should "dress them down" on the air as often as you like.

26. During an OPEN net, almost any type of traffic or communication is usually allowed.

27. A DIRECTED net is created when there are a large number of stations needing to use the frequency or the volume of traffic cannot be dealt with on a first come first served basis.

28. During a directed net, casual conversations are encouraged.

29. You may provide regular communications for a pizza delivery service if they are unable to locate their driver.

30. If you are going to be NCS for a net you should:

31. If it is a scheduled net, you should start on time.

32. You should always ad-lib during a scheduled net (not use a script).

33. During a net, you should:

34. During emergencies, the NCS does not control the event but, is there to control the flow of information.

35. You should never give specific instructions or ask specific questions.

36. You should

37. You MUST always editorialize when doing a net.

38. You should frequently identify the purpose of the net and any sub audible tone requirements.

39. Once you have run five nets you do not need to be willing to learn or accept constructive criticism.

40. If you "flub" it during a net, you should:

41. If it is an Emergency Net you should:

42. During an Emergency net it is always good to have one or two extra (not assigned) people available.

43. A liaison station's job is to maintain communications between two nets.

44. FM simplex will often be used for on-scene tactical nets because:

45. Should the NCS of an Emergency net have a backup?

46. When should the Net be informed of the backup NCS?

47. If you have an irate participant, you should:

48. Once you have run five nets, you no longer need practice.

49. If it is an Emergency net, you should ask for assistance if/when you need it.

50. The best source of practice for an NCS is:

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